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Imagine a world where the azure Mediterranean waters become your playground and luxury blends with adventure, every moment feels like a treasure.

This is exactly what we encountered during 

our journey with Malta Sailing Experiences!
As avid explorers with a love for the sea,
we went on an unforgettable voyage that redefined the meaning of relaxation and discovery.

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From the very start, Malta Sailing Experiences impressed us with their impeccable service! As we stepped onto the yacht, the Skipper welcomed us with genuine smiles. His passion for sailing, extensive knowledge of the region's waters and the unwavering commitment to our comfort instantly put us at ease. The yacht's sleek design and lavish amenities hinted at the grand adventure that lay ahead.


Luxury Without Pretence

Every inch of their beautiful sailboat spoke of elegance and comfort affording us stunning panoramic views of Malta's rugged coastline.

The fully equipped cabin was designed for utmost relaxation, it was a true testament to their commitment providing an indulgent yet peaceful and relaxing journey that transcended the ordinary.

Tailored to Perfection!

One of the standout features of our experience was the flexibility Malta Sailing Experiences offered.

Whether you yearn for sunsets, fun in the water or tranquil coves, they tailor the journey to your desires.

As we navigated through Malta's azure waters we felt a sense of liberation and empowerment – a feeling that this adventure was truly our own.


Our skipper Steve has a lifetime wealth of sailing, and he treated us to a few of his amazing stories.


With onboard paddleboards and snorkelling equipment we jumped in the water with enthusiasm.

Thanks to Yorath we had delicious homemade Ftira for our lunch and a few snacks throughout the day. Your hosts can also book private catering services.

There was even a little boat that arrived at one of our stops with ice cream and drinks for sale!

Etched Memories

This experience not only introduced us to the sea but it opened the doors to Malta's heart and soul.

As we watched the sun dip below tranquil waters, we couldn't help but feel grateful for what we had created with
Malta Sailing Experiences.

The camaraderie we shared together, our production team, Steve at the helm along with the the awe-inspiring vistas altogether created a tapestry of priceless moments.


Contact Malta Sailing Experiences

Boat Location

Rowland Marina, Ix-Xatt,
Ta' Xbiex



(+356) 99902974  
(+356) 9924 8777 

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