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We are so excited to announce and welcome Bolt as our newest and a major sponsor for!

This renowned tech company has a rich history and is playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing transport as we know it. They offer ride-hailing and scooter-sharing services in various countries, including their significant presence in Malta. Bolt Food is equally well known and popular with everyone here.

Their commitment to innovation and providing efficient, reliable services aligns seamlessly with our mission at ROOMSERVICE.

Having had the privilege of using Bolt so many times, and now working closely with them here in Malta, lets us attest to their professionalism and dedication in fostering strong partnerships where they operate!


We admire Bolt's strong presence in Malta and their commitment to the local community! It's great knowing we share values that contribute to the growth and prosperity of the regions we serve. With Bolt as our sponsor, we look forward to an exciting journey ahead and the opportunity to create even more memorable experiences for our members, viewers and followers.

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Make Cities for People

As Malta continues to grow, Bolt aims to ensure it happens with a conscious look towards urban development.

It's wonderful seeing their transport services allowing a greener, people-focused means of living!

Take a look at Bolt's focus on sustainability here


Sign-Up Offer!

Sign up for and we’ll provide you with a
6 Discount Code
for your first ride with Bolt after signing up on their App!


If you’re already a Bolt user like us, we’ll send you a different code for
€6 off your next ride

Sign-Up Offer!

Sign up for ROOMSERVICE and the Bolt app.
When signing up for Bolt, use the Discount Code ROOMSERVICE

for 6€ off your first ride.


If you’re already a Bolt user like us,
we’ll send you a different code for 
20% off your next ride up to 2€.


Bolt Hub - Malta

144 Tower Road,
Sliema SLM 1604

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Download the Bolt App


Contact Bolt

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About Our Sponsors

The support from our Sponsors allows us to provide complimentary memberships and keep our website free and open to our viewers and followers.  They are also a very important partner in the production of our Episodes. 

All our Sponsors must meet the same standards as the places we recommend, providing the best quality, outstanding customer care and an authentic experience.

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